Harry & Edna are both members of the actors union Equity

& have public liability insurance.

Harry & Edna, vintage sweethearts

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Harry & Edna spent their youth flitting through various centuries, 
until deciding to follow their passion for 20th Century social history and live in the 1940s.



Not sure if DJ is the word Harry would use, but he plays 78s on windup gramophones.


Hire Us

Harry & Edna host, promote & perform

at historical events.



Edna gives talks on various aspects of WW2 life on the home front.

Harry & Edna

on the Wireless

Harry & Edna present this respected

radio show.



Harry & Edna on the Wireless goes on the road to your event.


Vintage Nightclub

Harry & Edna host this secret throw back to the vintage glamour.


Vintage Party

Hednas the Vintage Nightclub goes on the road to your party.