‘Victory in the Garden’ is a ’working’ portable 1940’s allotment display complete with period characters. demonstrating the wartime need to turn gardens into vegetable plots.


Victory in the Garden can also include a WW2 Anderson air raid shelter and the On the Home Front wartime kitchen display. ‘Victory in the Garden’ is popular with historical event organisers as the subject covers both social history & today's environmental concerns.


What makes the Victory in the Garden display truly interactive is the ‘open encampment’ design with the minimal use of crowd ropes. Thus the visitor can walk inside the display area / encampment. They can even sit inside the Anderson air raid shelter.


Despite the Victory in the Garden appearance, the display is designed to have a minimal ‘footprint’. Two weeks after the removal of the Victory in the Garden display it would be hard to tell where the display had been. Victory in the Garden is created without digging or lifting turf.


‘Victory in the Garden’ was originally created for the English Heritages, prestigious History Live festival and has since been exhibited at numerous events including Vintage at Goodwood and the Cowper & Newton Museum.

Text Box: ‘Victory in the Garden’

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