Perhaps it† is down to the stylish gramophones used to pump out 'old skool' tunes from the 1930ís & 1940ís or maybe it is Harrys collection of appropriate songs selected to compliment your event.

78 gramophone records are unique in their ability to create the perfect atmosphere and adding subtitle musical entertainment.

Regular commissions include


 The Twinwood Festival,

 Hednaís the Vintage Nightclub,

 Pop Up Cinema,

 Time Travellers.


Traditionally Harry will provide music at various times throughout the event for example drinks reception, intermission and lead in to the main event.


Even if your event is in a field Harry can provide† music almost anywhere due to his PA system being able to run for up to 4 hours without the need for mains power.

Text Box: Gramophone Harry

Using 78 records & wind-up gramophones this dapper pre-vinyl DJ 
has caught the imagination of the music world.

Harry & Edna

Faith††††††††† WWI Horse