The vast majority of Hedna’s visitors dress in a period style. The resulting step-back-in-time spectacle plays a key role in making Hedna’s such a unique event. 


Whether you go for the slick urban look, gentrified country style or chocks-away military look, it’s not difficult or costly to dress appropriately. Plus we have a resident vintage hair & makeup stylist to help you achieve that classic look.


For ladies, try that sophisticated couture look, epitomised by Audrey Hepburn, wear a voluminous dress clinched with a wide belt, slender high heels, glamorous hat with matching sleek gloves and seamed nylon stockings. Striking make-up with polished ‘de rigeur’ look dark eyeliner, false lashes and bright red lipstick is essential to complete this immaculately groomed look. Or perhaps go for that glamorous look with your cocktail dress, a chance to wear your finery and air that stunning dress you rarely get to wear.


 A gentlemen should always look debonair. Black tie is the traditional choice, or for the Terry Thomas appeal perhaps a blazer, turn-up flannels, accompanied by a cravat, and don’t forget a touch of Brylcream - of course.

Dress ~ If in doubt,  overdress  - Vivienne Westwood


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