A ‘Case for Evacuation’ is a ‘show & tell’ talk / lecture about the evacuation of children during World War Two.


This 40 minute presentation / talk features many original images taken from a child's viewpoint.


As part of the presentation / talk Edna brings along an example of a child's suitcase filled with period artefacts.  This is one of Edna’s most requested impressions because not only can children identify with children from the war but the older person enjoys seeing period toys from their own childhood.


At the start of the war the aerial threat from bombers made the British Government seek ways to keep children safe. Thus parents were encouraged to evacuate their children. Millions of children were taken by train from their homes in the city, to the countryside. Some children took very little in their suitcases, leaving home with hardly any clothes & no other personal belongings.  Some were slightly luckier with a few more clothes, maybe a toy & a book.


With so many children being evacuated the trains were very full thus each child was limited to the amount of luggage he or she could carry.

The Children's War by

Harry & Edna

Text Box: A Case for Evacuation

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