As people are encouraged to embrace the values of old fashioned thrift, Edna created a special presentation / talk about ‘Make-Do-and-Mend’ & utility clothing.


You will discover the many imaginative ways people made clothes and accessories from the unlikeliest of materials – everything from old sheets, parachute fragments, blankets and even flour sacks were all used to create unique garments.  During her presentation Edna explains how rationing of many everyday items, including clothes, brought about a need to recycle & reuse materials for clothing.


For each presentation / talk, Edna brings a collection of original ‘Make do and Mend’ artefacts thus her presentation is a mixture of 'show and tell' and a slide show of period images. The images are delivered via laptop and protector. (Both of which Edna can supply if required).


Edna commented "I bring some fascinating examples of 'Make do and Mend' including a knitted swimming costume. These clothes aren't 'high fashion' but are great examples of how creative people can be in austere times”.

Harry & Edna

Text Box: Make Do & Mend

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