Harry & Edna on the Wireless is the perfect radio show to get you in the mood for the Goodwood Revival.†

That is why The Goodwood Revival were proud to have sponsored Harry & Edna on the Wireless.

Harry & Edna have been associated with The Goodwood Revival for many years, supplying props, displays and pop up exhibitions.

Harry & Edna were also part of the curatorial team for the 1940ís aspect of the acclaimed Vintage at Goodwood Festival.

Sponsorship is an exciting way of promoting your brand or event, if you are interested in sponsoring Harry & Edna on the Wireless please contact them.

Harry & Edna on the Wireless is currently sponsored by 20th Century Chap.

Previous sponsors of Harry & Edna on the Wireless include The Festival of Vintage.

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The Goodwood Revival Sponsored Harry & Edna on the Wireless 
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Harry & Edna, vintage sweethearts

Rob Widdows from the Goodwood Revival by Harry & Edna On The Wireless on Mixcloud

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