The highlights are an average listenership of 831 per episode, made up of;

· Internet Streaming (Mixcloud) 340

· Downloadable Podcast (Spreaker)  82

· YouTube 59

· Internet Radio 350


Internet Streaming

Harry & Edna on the Wireless is available to stream via the Mixcloud internet service. Sponsors have their advert played at the start and the end of the show.

The Mixcloud service has every Harry & Edna on the Wireless show available to stream. The sponsors advert remains on the show they sponsored for perpetuity.

As of Jan 2018, 238 Harry & Edna on the Wireless shows have been streamed 80,901 times, this means each show has a Mixcloud listenership of 340 per show.



Podcasts are speech only versions of Harry & Edna on the Wireless. The advantage they have is that they are downloadable.

Due to limitations of the podcast server only the latest X podcasts are available. However once a user has downloaded the podcast it will remain in their device until they delete it.

As of Jan 2018, 14 podcasts are available these have been accessed 1048 times & downloaded 108 times



Harry & Edna have been experimenting with placing podcast Harry & Edna on the Wireless content onto YouTube.

Currently there are 19 Harry & Edna on the Wireless podcasts on Youtube with a watch total of 1,125 times


FM and Internet Radio

Although the sponsorship jingle cannot be played on the radio stations which host Harry & Edna on the Wireless, every show does direct listeners to the Harry & Edna website and the mixcloud streaming service. Listenership figures are harder to calculate, but as of Jan 2018 Harry & Edna on the Wireless is on three FM radio stations covering Milton Keynes, The Isle of Wight and Malaga (Spain).


The show is also broadcast on 10 internet radio stations. Each internet radio station is averaging a live listenership of 35 per show, not including their own ‘listen again’ downloads.

Plus FM broadcasting to a population of 260,000 Milton Keynes, 160,000 Isle of Wight and an unknown population of Malaga. 

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Listenership for Jan 2018
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