W.W.I Horse ~ The role of horse in World War One

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Role Of Horse

Summer 1914

Deployment 1914

Mons 1914

Fighting Retreat

Elouges 1914

Road to Flanders

1st Battle of Ypres

Requisition 1915

Somme 1916

German East
Africa 1917

Beersheba 1917

Build up 1917

Cambria 1917

Damascus 1918

Armistice 1918

The notes with the left photograph say "road into Damascus".

Journalist  W.T. Masset describes Allenby's forces entering Damascus.

What happened was this. Some patrols of the Australian Mounted Division were in the northern outskirts of the city during the night, and they spied out the land to see if it was possible to get round Damascus on the north to reach the Aleppo road, which was the only route the Turks could take since the Beirut road had been closed to them.

No track fit for horses was found on the north and Brigadier General Wilson who was ordered to proceed with the 3rd Australian Light Horse decided that he could make a dash through  the city whether it surrendered or not.

The brigade galloped into Damascus at 5 am. A mass of wrecked  transport had to be hauled off the highway to make a path for cavalry, but they could not wholly clear it.

At the bottom of the gorge the road was clear and a West Australian regiment put their horses to their best pace.

As they were riding beside a mud wall enclosure they met a heavy burst of musketry and the officer charged a body of Turks. He then rode on to the municipal building and after organised resistance had ceased, gave directions for the preservation of order.

Instantly half of Damascus came onto the streets.

The people gave the Australians an amazing welcome

Source "I was there" magazine (1930).