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British cavalry wore standard khaki serge jackets but with cord breeches and puttees. These were tied at the ankle rather than at the knee as in the case of dismounted units.

Their equipment comprised of a leather
1903 pattern cartridge bandoleer which could hold up to 90 rounds in 5 front and 4 back pouches.
haversack and water bottle were worn slung over the right shoulder, high under the left arm.

Personnel weapons consisted of the standard
.303 SMLE rifle carried in a 'bucket' or 'rifle boot' attached to the saddle and a 1908 pattern sword would be carried in a frog on the saddle. Lances, according to Osprey's book 'British Cavalry 1800-1941' were seldom if ever used in action but where carried by General Officers mounted orderlies. However while researching the Role of Horse Online Exhibition we have found numerous 1st hand accounts and photographic evidence to dispute this claim.

In lieu of the rifle, warrant officers, staff sergeants and sergeants were supposed to carry a holster pistol with lanyard. Ammunition (12 rounds) for the pistol was carried on a brown but where carried by
leather waist belt.