Perhaps the success is down to the stylish gramophones used to pump out 'old skool' tunes from the 1930’s & 1940’s.


Or maybe it is the dandy DJ  with the unique sound produced by the 78 shellac records but ‘Harry plays the Gramophone’ has caught the imagination of the music world.


Originally devised as the opening act for Hedna’s the Vintage Nightclub ‘Harry plays the Gramophone’ has since appeared at music festivals and vintage events. 


‘Harry plays the Gramophone’ is regularly incorporated into Harry & Edna’s events such as the Pop Up Cinema and Time Travellers.


‘Harry plays the Gramophone’ exploits the fact wind up gramophones do not need electricity to create the prefect lawn tea dance.

Text Box: Harry plays the Gramophone

Using 78 records & wind-up gramophones this dapper pre-vinyl DJ 
has caught the imagination of the music world.

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Harry & Edna, vintage sweethearts